Our Friendly, Professional and Approachable Team of Instructors

These are the Yoga instructors that will be teaching your Yoga classes in 2017. Each and every one of them is highly skilled and experienced, but just as important: they are always friendly and approachable.

Amy Chambers

Amy chambers

Amy joined us in 2011 for the fitness side of the Healthy Options programme and is now managing the Vassiliki centre as well as teaching. Amy grew up in Cyprus; it was there that her love of water sports and triathlon began. During university, she competed in the British Triathlon Championships and then went on to teach a variety of water sports including kite-surfing, windsurfing, and diving in various locations around the world.

Throughout this time, her love of all things fitness-orientated has continued to grow; she is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and holds various swimming and aqua qualifications. She’s a regular in the yoga and Pilates classes, believing that all the classes complement the other and is constantly learning from her team mates. She is also a Level 5 Advanced Windsurfing instructor and is really looking forward to not just getting people out on the water, but comfortable in the water too.

Throughout this season, Amy will be teaching Body Sculpt, Swiss Ball, Run Circuits, Hydro Fit and swim technique classes. If that’s not enough to get your heart rate going, Amy will also be available to give those who are interested some beginner windsurfing tuition or 1-1 swimming lessons.

Amy has a wonderfully fun and realistic approach to fitness and loves teaching at all levels. But don’t worry, she won’t be enrolling anyone in a boot camp, after all, our philosophy of doing as little or as much as you like always applies!

“It’s important to me that people have fun when they’re exercising, I really try and TEACH people when they’re in my classes, so they have some knowledge to take home and there’s nothing more I love than giving people new experiences and skills, particularly in the water.” – Amy Chambers

Amy Chambers will be available in Vassiliki from 6th May to 8th October

Alexia Dranidi

Alexia dranidi

This is Lexi's third year teaching yoga at Healthy Options and second year as manager of our Syvota centre. Her yoga journey began in her late teens when she first started attending a yoga class regularly. But it wasn't until a decade later that her teacher encouraged her and invited her to join a yoga teacher training course in order to deepen her practice. “It had never crossed my mind to become a yoga teacher! I did my first training purely for my own benefit and to gain further knowledge for my personal practice.” But after graduating, she knew that she had to share the benefits, fulfillment and richness yoga brings into life. Now with 400+ hours of teacher training and four years of teaching experience she feels it is still the beginning of her journey. “There is still so much more for me to learn as yoga is a lifelong journey. I am a student and always will be.”

Her teaching style and personal practice is influenced by various styles, teachings and lineages of yoga as well as incorporating traditional and modern approaches to it. Apart from teaching Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, she also teaches Yin yoga, yoga Nidra and meditation. Alexia is also a certified Traditional Thai Massage Therapist and combines elements from yoga, meditation and breath awareness in her treatments so as to release deep tension, emotions and bring the body and soul back into balance.

Lexi feels she is honoured to have the privilege of sharing what she has learnt and to help others realise a deeper awareness and connection to themselves and the universe. Her classes are a celebration of life and an opportunity to love, breath, live, laugh and shine… both on and off the mat! Open up to the universe and let your breath inspire you!

Alexia will be available in Syvota from 6th May - 16th July and 3rd September - 8th October.

Learn more about the activities at our Syvota centre

Evy Ferraro

Evy ferraro

From training as a professional dancer, Evy practiced pilates regularly with her mother Georgie Ferraro, a well respected teacher trainer in the UK. She was always fascinated by the mechanics of the body, but It wasn’t until she developed a serious back injury that she left the performing world and decided study Dance Science at university. Evy then went on to study Pilates further and trained with Alison Salmond at the STOTT teacher training academy at Central YMCA London, where she became a fully qualified STOTT Pilates matwork teacher. She also did her (QCF) Level 3 Diploma in teaching Pilates (Level 3 CYQ), and studied Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology at Level 3. Evy has also completed STOTT Pre & Post natal Pilates, various small equipment workshops as well as a Reformer 1 qualification with Body Control Pilates.

Evy has been running her own pilates business in London for the last 4 years, teaching at various Physiotherapy clinics and at some of the top yoga and pilates studios in London working with a broad range of clients, many with complex injuries and postural issues. Always eager to learn and further her knowledge, she spent the winter qualifying as a Vinyasa Flow and Yin Fascial Yoga teacher in India, alongside completing a Level 3 Diploma in massage and Deep tissue massage therapy at the London School of Massage.

After coming out to Vassiliki last year, Evy simply fell in love with the Greek way of life and the team at Healthy Options, so much so that she decided to leave city life behind to enjoy this beautiful place for the whole season!

Evy Ferraro will be available in Vassiliki from 6th May to 8th October

Joanna Jeczalik

Joanna jeczalik

Joanna Jeczalik has studied yoga for over 19 years, and teaches in Oxford and London.

She qualified with the Life Centre in London, and has the British Wheel of Yoga Accredited Teaching Diploma.

Joanna teaches hatha yoga in a gentle, flowing style, which is accessible and nourishing. Her classes combine yoga poses, breathing, meditation and yoga nidra for a relaxing and rejuvenating practice.

She has qualified with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and integrates mindfulness techniques into her yoga classes.

She is particularly interested in the benefits of yoga for chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression, and is currently writing a book on ‘Yoga for Chronic Fatigue’.

Joanna Jeczalik will be available in Vassiliki from 6th May to 8th October

Sarah Brown

Sarah brown 1

As the Healthy Options Rep for 2016, Sarah’s mission is to ensure that you have the best possible holiday with us in Vassiliki. She will be on hand to happily answer any queries you may have, smooth out any concerns and to take on board your individual requirements and to help you get the most out of your time with us in every way she can. Equally, if you just need someone to listen, or a shoulder to cry on, she’s all ears - a problem shared is a problem halved!

Sarah fell in love with Vassiliki in 2008 when she spent the season working as part of the Club Vass Hotel team, alongside Amy during her year out from University. She’d heard a lot of rave reviews about Vassiliki from fellow windsurfers and she was not disappointed! Sarah has wonderful memories of her six months spent in this beautiful, special place and is excited to be returning this season as part of the Healthy Options team.

When not helping people escape life’s daily stresses, unwind and recharge in Vassiliki, Sarah works long hours as a vet in her home town of Edinburgh. From distance running and football, to windsurfing and yoga, it’s safe to say health and fitness is a huge part of her life. She has a good understanding of the positive impact of physical activity on mental wellbeing and she’s really looking forward to working alongside such an amazingly talented group of instructors to bring you the ultimate Healthy Options experience.

Sarah Brown will be available in Vassiliki from 6th May to 8th October

Eleanor Crossland

Eleanor crossland

Eleanor fell in love with Vassiliki when she came out two seasons ago all by herself. She made a sound group of friends who she came back with, and a year later she is now back to join the team. Eleanor or ‘Eli’ loves the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, baking cakes, and she’s looking for a different way of life from her previous job in front of a laptop. Eli is a qualified Body Control Pilates teacher, and also does facials. She’s one who is always ready for a chat and a hug.

Eleanor Crossland will be available in Syvota from 25th June to 16th July


Nid Seymour

Nid seymour

Having trained in musical theatre and taught dance for five years, Nid loves movement to flow and values correct technique for safety and effectiveness. She will help you find your edge whilst recognising your deeper state of relaxation and stability. This will leave you feeling stronger, longer, calmer and more balanced to face the world.

Nid comes from London and is a small props instructor and Yoga Nidra teacher; she is certified in STOTT PILATES® and ZEN•GA matwork. Her classes are a mixture of traditional Pilates and ‘fusion’ based on ZEN•GA matwork. Nid teaches a range of interests, fitness levels and motivations. She also teaches Yoga Nidra a form of ‘yogic sleep’ that helps restore balance to mind and body.

Nid’s classes warm you up by searching for stability and relaxation through the Pilates principle of finding alignment. She she then takes you into playing with your edge through traditional and playful Pilates movements. Through exporation of the movements she will help you establish a new relationship with your body, functional and holistic, that will stay with you for life.

Nid Seymour will be available in Syvota from 21st May to 28th May and in Vassiliki from 6th May to 13th August.

Olympia Tsarouchi

Olympia tsarouchi

Olympia is a qualified Yoga teacher and massage therapist who teaches classes, workshops and teacher trainings in the UK, Greece and Thailand. She joined the Healthy Options team in 2016.

Olympia is multi-facetted and explored many different disciplines in her life: from a Law degree, to professional music, Brazilian Ju Jitsu and other sports. “But Yoga was where everything fell together,” she says. Olympia teaches Anahata Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Yoga and the Five Element Form.

“ I believe that Yoga is a personal journey and the experience is unique to each individual that takes it. As a teacher I aspire to share my experience and knowledge with my students, coming from a space of love and care for the participants. The ultimate teacher is your own individual body and mind.”

Olympia aims to have students gradually develop an autonomous personal practice. She has a special interest in body work, the biomechanics of movement and anatomy, which motivated her to study massage therapies. Olympia is qualified in Swedish Massage, Myofascial Manipulation, Ayurvedic Massage and Thai Massage.

Olympia Tsarouchi will be available in Syvota from 6th May to 16th July

Joanna Jeffcoate

Joanna jeffcoate

Joanna - Jojo for friends - is incharge of guided bike rides and SUP Yoga Instructor in Vassiliki. She is also our resident sports masseuse. It’s her second season as a member of the team, and she’s been in Vassiliki on a holiday four times, when she, in her own words, “fell absolutely in love with the place”.

Jojo specialises in deep tissue sports massage,for which she obtained her qualification eight years ago. She holds a diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy from Premier Training International as well as a SUP Fit Qualification. Last year, Jojo travelled to India and graduated with a multi-style Yoga Instructor Qualification. Jojo loves to really get to know the guests and share her knowledge on everything health and fitness.

In her sports massage, which is a deep and specific, she focusses on one area that holds lots of tension. With a mixture of thumbs, knuckles, forearms and elbows she releases knots and strips out muscle tension. Jojo also offers a more relaxing full body or area specific massage for you.

Joanna Jeffcoate will be available in Vassiliki from 6th May to 8th October

Lynne Gentle

Lynne gentle

Lynne has been practising Pilates since 1996, when she loved how it restored her lost power following childbirth. At the time she had a successful career in London but her epiphany came and she began to train as a Pilates teacher on the side of her regular job. She set up her Harley Street practice ‘Gentle Movement Clinic’ in 2010, and has since been teaching people to treat themselves.

She describes herself as a Manual and Movement therapist and has been helping people to feel good, teaching them to get rid of aches and pains, and restore natural, balanced posture. Her work is not exercise, but movement, and is a firm believer that if you move well, you move often.

At Healthy Options, Lynne will be leading special Yamuna Body Rolling taster sessions, a cross between foam rolling and rolling on a tennis ball, working to realign the body, self massage, and give you a workout all in one.

Lynne Gentle will be available in Vassiliki from 13th August to 8th October

Kathi Elliott

Kathi  elliott

Kathi's passion is to help people feel good. She has worked in the fitness and beauty industry for the past 28 years and has taught group fitness classes in a variety of disciplines but now specializes in Pilates training. She can also conduct pure stretch and spinning classes.

She went to Syvota on holiday last year and loved it so much that she applied to join the team for a month this year. Having recently completed her 200 hour Yoga diploma Kathie is excited to begin her Yoga journey at Healthy Options and learning from the wealth of experience that the rest of the team offers.

She also has her own home beauty business specializing in Electrolysis plus facials, massage and other holistic treatments. She also works for the fitness industry awarding bodies ACTIVE IQ and CYQ as a course tutor, assessor and verifier for instructor training courses.

Kathi Elliott will be available in Syvota from 31st May to 25th June

Lowri Thomas

Lowri thomas

Lowri is new to the Syvota team, having come out to Vassiliki last season as a ‘guest instructor’. Lowri will be teaching the fitness classes including Body Sculpt and Swiss Ball as well as taking the guided bike ride and Stand Up Paddleboard sessions. She is a Personal Trainer with certificates in circuit training and indoor cycling. Her classes are fun and informative and she knows how to get you motivated during her classes!

Lowri Thomas will be available in Syvota from 21st May to 16th July

Susan Isichei

Susan isichei

Susan joins the Syvota team for the first season this year as our Pilates teacher. She’s also a Personal Trainer and holds numerous qualifications in other fitness disciplines such as Body Combat, Body Pump and Boxercise. Susan has spent the last 14 years working as a trainer in and around London and the last 3 years working as an instructor in Saudi Arabia. She is a passionate motivating fitness professional, with lots of enthusiasm underpinned by a sound theoretical knowledge.

Susan Isichei will be available in Syvota from 6th May to 31st May

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The atmosphere has been laid-back and friendly. Instructors and staff were helpful. My passion is yoga and the classes were inspiring and challenging. Both Marina and Jacquie got to know individuals and their goals, and I felt supported in my practice all week. Thank you. - Rachel

Professional and caring instructors and staff- full of enthusiasm and knowledge. Comprehensive activity programme. The herbal walk will stay in our memory. - Yvonne Medley and Julia Bates

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