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The new Yoga tent is huge - so spacious!

We have a new, much larger Healthy Options Yoga/Pilates tent that is positioned in a far calmer setting with magnificent mountain views. So if you can picture yourself doing your practices with nature to hand, the island is calling you.

With your safety at the front of our minds the large tent can take 22 with two metres space marked out between each person’s mat and work out area. You will be given your own crate with all your fully sanitized Yoga/fitness equipment that only you will touch throughout your holiday. We have hand hygiene stations throughout our base as well as in the Yoga/Pilates tent.

Take a look at instructor Amy’s video taking you round the new Yoga/ Pilates tent:





It’s only natural to be slightly nervous about travelling, as was our guest Dana who can be seen sunning herself as she talks with relief about her flight and holiday experience with Healthy Options:





As part of our drive to keep everyone safe we are not offering our ‘willing to share’ accommodation option this year but to compensate there are special prices for solo travellers on some dates.

Guests who flew back to the UK yesterday were keen to let others know how safe they had felt during their time with us. Rob was euphoric: sorry no other word for it: “We knew we could trust you but we’ve been absolutely overwhelmed just how wonderful the team and all the locals have been. We feel completely safe. You guys are so organised it’s just wonderful”.

Emma, flew back to the UK yesterday after a week with us: ‘You guys are AMAZING! Just fantastic. I have felt so safe. I’ve been here a week this year but next year it will be two”.

Greece as a nation has had one of the lowest number of cases in Europe, with 206 deaths in total, so they are keen to keep it that way. If you would like to see detailed information about your safety both on our British Airway flights, at the airports and here at our idyllic island base.

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