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There are lots of different Yoga/Active holidays available so what is it that sets our holidays apart?

Our clients had so much to say about what they like about our holidays we have had to tell this story in two parts, if you missed the last one click here to see it-

Our clients share with you what they love about our holidays.  Many of them said how much they loved the flexibilty of our holidays and how they had the freedom to choose what they wanted to do!

“Healthy Options holidays are as healthy as you want to be. There is no pressure to attend classes or eat healthily.” Alison Blackburn, Teacher, Bradford

“That it wasn't exclusively a Yoga holiday. I was delighted to be able to include as much as Pilates as Yoga in my break. I loved the flexibility to do as little or as much as I like.” Caroline Donellan

“Healthy Options is much more than a just a Yoga holiday. I love that I can do as much as or as little as I want.” Kristel Sootarsing, Accountant, Perth

“The friendliness. Relaxed atmosphere makes it a very enjoyable holiday where you can do as much, or as little as you want.” Eufron Reynolds, Sales Executive, Swansea.

“Flexibility - the choice is yours to make and build your own special, unique timetable.” Jean Howard, Retired Teacher, Somerset

• Perhaps it is the fact that Healthy Options is based in two beautiful seaside locations on the beautiful Greek island of Lefkada?

The beach is so perfect for the resort, it allows for paddleboarding and swimming but also for windsurfing and sailing in the afternoon. The nearby town is charming and traditional.” Fiona Godfrey, Head Teacher, London.

“A beautiful setting, to reboot(!), enjoy exercise, the sea, the people.”  Penny Smith Head Teacher London.

“A fantastic holiday with all the benefits of a beach holiday with the fitness.” Alisa Falconer, Project Manager, Edinburgh

“A fabulous way to unwind, tune up and tune into your body. Excellent Yoga and Pilates classes in beautiful surroundings. Highly recommended.”

• Perhaps it is the mix of guests that make our holidays special?

“Excellent for the solo traveller. New friendships and bonds are made so easily in the safe and comfortable environment. Well Done!” Caroline Wilson, Distribution Manager, Barnet

“A wonderful relaxing and active week spent with new friends.” Lizzie Dipple, Amsterdam

“There's always a lovely group of people to be friends at Healthy Options, both the staff and fellow guests. The combination of Yoga and water-based activities is best.” Louise Rodgers, Consultant, London.

• Or Perhaps it is the combination of everything?

“Healthy Options offers a completely unique experience in my opinion. It's not the retreat, it's the most complete fitness, Yoga holiday, in an idealic location, with a team that completely understands the need to have fun.” Hazel Moloney, Programme Director, Ruislip.

“A great holiday for mind, body and soul.” Thank You! Hillary William.

“Ticks all the boxes. The relaxing and friendly atmosphere. The friendly and dynamic people within the group. The instructor’s knowledge, their ease of teaching and their interest in the individuals, helped to establish a wonderful bond. My two weeks in Syvota with Healthy Options were perfect and exactly what I needed.” Jo Quincy, Manager of Countryhouse.

“There is something for everybody to enjoy and it is excellent value for money. Complete package combination of rest and play. Set in a lovely local town, great location for rest and relaxation. All my instructors were fantastic!” Tracy Roberts, PR, London

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